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Marble Cloud Tee

13 GBP
IN COLLABORATION WITH TINY JAX Hand-painted and digitized marble patterned design printed on polycotton short sleeved T-shirts using dye-sublimation. Sublimation printing uses a special sheet of paper, onto which the design is printed and then superheated and pressurised to permanently infuse the fabric with ink at the molecular level. This means no peeling, cracking or fading of the design over time unlike screen or direct-to-garment printing. Printed on a polycotton white tee, available in sizes ranging from 6 months to 6 years. This fabric combines the softness and comfort of cotton with the durability and affordability of polyester. This ensures they stay cosy in the winter but cool in the summer - and it will soak up all of what life has to throw at them while staying in tip-top condition. The neutral tones were chosen to complement a wide variety of colour palettes, whilst remaining visually stimulating and suitable for both boys and girls. The designs are simplistic in nature so as to appeal to children as well as remaining contemporary. This marble pattern began as a painting project using oils, inks and acrylics. The results were then transformed into graphic art and manipulated to bring our striking designs to life. Sold individually. Care instructions on label. (Wash at 30 degrees) As per our shipping policies, please allow 3-4 weeks for printing and delivery. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton. Free Shipping on all orders over £25 using code FREESHIPPING